Jessenia Rebecca

Jessenia Rebecca

Jessenia Rebecca is Colombia’s comedian, social media influencer, content creator, etc. She is from Huila, Colombia. On her Instagram, she is mentioned as a model, actress, meme creator, and influencer. She is also known as Rebecca Jessenia. She was born on August 27. Her username is sm00ches on OF. She is a Latina and she mentioned it on her X (Formerly Twitter) bio.

Jessenia Rebecca Surgery

People searched about her surgery but we were not able to give any information about it. However, as of now, modern days, people (Mostly females) take the use of surgery to enhance their bodies. Many surgeries include a nose job, jaw-line job, breast enhancement, etc. However, it is not clear whether Rebecca Jessenia Surgery is done or not.

Jessenia Rebecca Bio, Education, Career

Rebecca Jessenia education details are not available. However, she started her career as an actress and turned into a content creator and social media influencer. As an influencer, she has posted many pics on her Instagram profile. She is actively uploading and posting reels on her social media channels.

Actively, she is working on subscription-based online platforms such as “Only Fans”. Till February 2024, she gained more than 142K likes/hearts. The notable point is that her content is not suitable for all age groups.

As an actress, she worked in Ballin 2024 and Last Night at Terrace Lanes 2024.

Jessenia Rebecca Wiki

Full Name / Real NameJessenia Rebecca Beaumont
Nicknamerebeccajlive, sm00ches, Rebecca Jessenia, Rebecca J Live, RebeccajliveTV,
DOB (Date of Birth)1995 August 17
Age28 year
BirthplaceHuila, Colombia
ProfessionContent Creator, Social Media Influencer, YouTuber, Actress, Comedian, etc.

Is Jessenia Rebecca married?

Rebecca Jessenia is not married yet. However, it is not confirmed because on her profile she posted many reels where she is looking for a boyfriend (as a comedy video). Also, she never posted any pictures of her boyfriend or husband.


In this section, we are talking about her measurements like her height, weight, color of hair and eyes, body size, etc.

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Height158 cm (5 feet 2 inches) Approximately
Weight135 lbs (60 kg)
Shoe size7/8 (US Size) Approximately
Breast35 to 40 inches (90 to 95 cm) Approximately
Waist30 to 36 inches (85 to 90 cm) Approximately
Bra Size95 to 105 cm Approximately
Hips40 to 46 inches Approximately

Jessenia Rebecca Boyfriend / Jessenia Rebecca Husband, Profile

Rebecca Jessenia never considered talking about her relationship or to whom she is dating. Whether she is in a relationship or not is not known so her boyfriend or husband names her.

BoyfriendNot Known
HusbandNot Known

Jessenia Rebecca Biografia

Rebecca Jessenia es la comediante, influencer de redes sociales, creadora de contenido, etc. de Colombia. Es de Huila, Colombia. En su Instagram, se la menciona como modelo, actriz e influencer. También es conocida como Rebecca Jessenia o The Jessenia Rebecca. Nació el 27 de agosto. Su nombre de usuario es sm00ches en OF. Ella es latina y lo mencionó en su biografía de X (antes Twitter).

Net Worth / Income / Revenue

She has many sources of income. She is earning money through acting, content creation, brand promotions or partnerships, etc.

We have gone through her OF profile and found that the subscription charge is $3 for the first time and the regular price is $30 for a month. Suppose, she gets 1K new followers then she can earn $3K, and in case, 20% of 1000 people take a subscription for the next month so she can earn $6000. Till February 2024, she has posted more than 2300 media stuff like images, videos, etc.

Please note, it is just an example to understand her income. It completely depends on the user who is getting a paid subscription of her.

Social Media Channels

We can not leave this section because she is an internet sensation. She is available on almost all platforms. However, we need to check and verify. All available links are given below.

Other things about Rebecca Jessenia

  • She uses an iPhone.
  • Rebecca enjoys traveling and already visited many places.
  • On her body, there is a tattoo which is a big star.
  • She uses a very expensive camera for recording.
  • We have gone through her Instagram and many well-known people like Annabella Pingol, Justine Mirdita, Gracie Bon, and many other people follow her.
  • Some of her reels and photos depict that she consumes alcohol.
Jessenia Rebecca Age
Jessenia Rebecca Age

Jessenia Rebecca Age?

Rebecca Jessenia Age is 28 years in 2024 till August 17. She was born in 1995. After 17th August 2024, she will be 29 years.

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